In industrial environments, fire and explosion risks pose significant threats to safety, productivity, and assets. 
StuvEx International engineers, installs and maintains GreCon Spark Extinguishing System offering intelligent solutions to detect and extinguish ignition sources promptly, preventing fires and dust explosions before they escalate. 
Let’s explore the components and benefits of this innovative fire prevention system. 

Components of the GreCon Spark Extinguishing System

Spark Detectors:

  • GreCon FM 1/8: Ideal for detecting ignition sources in dark conditions.
  • GreCon FM 3/8: Designed for high-temperature applications.
  • GreCon DLD 1/9: Ensures optimal detection performance in any environment.
  • Thermo Detector GreCon TM 1/9: Early detection of dangerous temperature increases.
  • Thermo Detector GreCon TM 3/9 plus: Protects against fire risks caused by overheating machinery.
  • Flame Detector GreCon Talentum: Detects incipient fires of organic substances with a high visual range and minimal false signals.
  • Hotspot Detector GreCon IR: Identifies smoldering fires and open flames at the moment of generation.

Control Console:

  • The central control console provides an interface for monitoring and managing fire prevention.

Protection Measures:


Risk Reduction:

  • By detecting and extinguishing ignition sources swiftly, the GreCon system effectively reduces fire and explosion risks.
  • Production downtime due to fire-related incidents is minimized.

Safety and Continuity:


The GreCon Spark Extinguishing System is an essential investment for any industrial setting. Its proactive approach to fire prevention ensures safety, minimizes losses, and keeps your operations running smoothly. Implement GreCon today and safeguard what matters most!