Explosion suppression


Explosion suppression can best be described as an extremely fast, full-automatic extinguishing system. After all, a gas or dust explosion is nothing more than an instant combustion of gas or dust, mixed with air.

With explosion suppression, the combustion is detected in a very early stage and is put out by exactly the right amount of extinguishing agent before it can do any damage. It is the perfect solution if an explosion resistant design or venting is not an option. If you want to be sure of an extremely fast suppression of the explosion, our FLASH system is your best choice.

Putting out process fires: limit the down time

Process fires need to be detected as early as possible. This way, you can immediately extinguish the fire with the correct agent. A process fire cannot only destroy your equipment; it can also bring your production to a halt. StuvEx has the perfect extinguishing solution for every environment:

Control unit: one unit for all systems

In the past, each active safety system worked differently. So each control unit had to be different. That means that the operators, engineers and their supervisors had to be familiar with several systems.

With the new generation of control units, this situation belongs to the past. We have streamlined all control units into one single family, all with the same controls, possibilities and electrical connections. Our goals was to keep everything as similar as possible. Simple and safe!

Detect and extinguish using the right equipment

StuvEx also offers you all the equipment you need for a thorough approach:


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