Explosion prevention


The ATEX directives are clear:  it is not enough to simply limit the occurrence of gas and dust explosions; you should prevent them in the first place, preferably by avoiding explosive atmospheres. If that is not possible, you should prevent the presence of ignition sources.

Picture the following situation: your electrical or mechanical equipment is located in a dangerous area. It can create - or even become - a source of ignition (for example by overheating in case of failure). Then you should obtain an ATEX certificate for that area.

Explosion prevention: pay attention to earthing

A frequent process-bound source of ignition is static electricity. This problem can be prevented by proper earthing. In fixed installations, it is important not only to install proper earthing, but also to inspect the installations regularly.

In mobile installations, where earthing can easily be forgotten, a good earth control system is of great importance. Such a system verifies whether the earthing is connected to an object and if so, gives a release signal.

Explosion prevention: stop the sparks

Moving parts that touch each other can also be sources of ignition. They can cause hot surfaces or sparks. The safest way to prevent this, is to limit the speed of the moving parts. You should also make sure that they do not touch each other. Apply sufficient tolerances and build in safety measures. If there still is an enhanced risk of rubbing, you should use temperature detection to keep everything under control.

Mechanical operations (like milling or pressing), spontaneous combustion or high temperatures: they can all cause sparks or glowing particles. These should be detected in time, for example by CO detection, spark detection or gas detection. And of course by stopping or eliminating the source of the ignition, for example by closing a valve or by extinguishing the source.

Explosion prevention: protect your people

Unfortunately, many accidents are caused by human failure, as a result of ignorance. We at StuvEx do not only thoroughly search your installation for possible risks; we also train your personnel and keep them safe with protective clothing.


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