Explosion venting


The oldest and most frequently used explosion protection technique is explosion venting. That means that weak points are deliberately introduced in the equipment in a controlled way. In case of an explosion, these weak points will open and the explosion pressure is released. It is not easy to calculate and correctly position the right venting surface. Luckily, for this you can rely on StuvEx and our years of experience.

Explosion venting with bursting discs

In most cases, we use bursting discs as weak elements. In case of an explosion, these bursting discs open already at a low pressure. This way, the pressure in the vessel does not rise above a certain level (the reduced explosion pressure).

We meticulously calculate the total effective venting area, the opening pressure and the correct placement of the bursting discs, and of course we determine which type of bursting disc is just right for the application that you have in mind. For example, depending on the requirements, we might opt for a STUVENT rupture disc or a REFLEX explosion vent.

Explosion venting with integrated flame arresting elements

A rupture disc should not be positioned randomly. When it opens, a huge flame jet bursts out. This means that it should never be directed at an environment where people are working. On the inside, there should be no obstructions in front of the rupture disc, because an explosion will blow everything straight through the vent opening, which can then be blocked.

Sometimes it is not possible to vent towards the outside. In those cases, we opt for pressure venting with integrated flame arresting elements. Explosion venting solutions INDOORVENT and DQS vent and extinguish the jet flame immediately. They are an ideal solution for situations where the vessel concerned is too far away from an exterior wall, or when there is no safe environment behind the exterior wall.

Whatever solution you choose, you will always need sufficient isolation.

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