In every step of your production process, explosions or fires may occur. Luckily, you can always count on StuvEx for a custom-made protection program:

Truck unloading: well thought-out unloading protection
If your raw materials are delivered in bulk trucks, you should be aware that the unloading of them is not without risks.

Elevators: safe vertical transport.
Elevators require different kinds of protection.

Silos: explosion and fire hazard 
Ignition sources can originate in the silo itself, but they can also be brought in from outside. Protect your silo.

Filters: an abundance of dust 
Dust can damage to your filter elements, so you should protect them from it.

Mills: mainly mechanic
The ignition sources in a mill are usually of mechanical origin. With StuvEx, you are prepared for anything.

Dryer atomising tower: from mist to powder
At the bottom of the atomising tower, there is almost always an explosive mixture. What is at the top of the tower depends on the type of tower. It is important to have this checked by experts.

Fluid bed dryers: mainly fire hazards
Fluid bed dryers can be a serious fire hazard, but they can also cause an explosion. Therefore, you need to protect your fluid bed dryer thoroughly.

A fluid bed: extinguishing while moving
A fluid bed or vibrating bed is constantly in motion and is therefore difficult to extinguish. StuvEx has come up with a unique system for this kind of situation.

Pneumatic transport: transport by blowing or suction
Pneumatic transport means that you move a product through pipes, either by blowing or by suction. For each form of transport, way have the right approach.

Hygienic systems: special requirements
In certain industries, the systems have to meet special hygienic requirements. We have developed the right solutions for these industries..


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