StuvEx does more than just provide you with the right explosion protection system. We also remain at your service afterwards. We tell your personnel how to maintain the installation, or we carefully maintain it for you. And we assist you before and after the activation of your system.


Maintenance of your protection system

Each protection system needs the right maintenance, and maintenance benefits from good reporting. This way, in case of discussions afterwards, you can prove that the maintenance has been done by the book. It also helps you to notice structural problems, like a part that always becomes loose due to vibrations, or a part that has to be replaced all the time. StuvEx carefully handles all maintenance and reporting.


Timely activation

The protection system is activated when a preset criterion (pressure, rate of pressure increase, optical radiation) is exceeded. Since this indicates a possible imminent explosion, it is of utmost importance that your detector is properly set. You would not want your system to be activated by the slightest change in the process. StuvEx guarantees activation when necessary.


Head Office (Belgium)

+32 3 458 25 52

England & Ireland

+44 1932 571303


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